Internet Companies

Internet companies account for a large percentage of global commerce but unfortunately, they often have the most difficult time obtaining business loans or working capital. Traditional banks will often not even consider making loans available to Internet based businesses - forcing them to seek alternative business funding. Most alternative business funding solutions require personal guarantees and collateral which are often not available.

Stop wasting your time and effort applying for bank loans and traditional business financing and learn about our business loan alternative. If your Internet business accepts Visa® or MasterCard®, you are eligible for our business cash advance program. Use your most valuable business asset, your future credit card sales, to qualify. With our business cash advance program, we will purchase a small percentage of your future credit card sales for upfront cash today. The payback process is simple. As transactions roll in, we get paid back with a small fixed percentage of your daily credit card sales. It is totally flexible and unlike a bank loan, we get paid when you get paid.

Qualifications for Internet-Based Businesses: Typically 2 -3 years in business - depending on personal/business credit, cash flow of the business, profit margins, and the type of business.