Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works?

A merchant cash advance offers businesses the fastest, easiest way to access risk-free capital from $10,000 to $250,000 or more per location. A merchant cash advance is simply selling a set percentage of your future credit card sales for cash today. The advance is repaid in a very easy and transparent way. We hold back a percentage of your daily Visa® and MasterCard® sales directly from your credit card processor until the balance is collected.

This is not a traditional loan. There is no traditional APR or calculated interest. Your advance amount is calculated based on your current monthly credit card processing volume. We do have an anticipated repayment time based on your volume; however, the repayment schedule is flexible. Every time you collect a credit card payment, we collect our repayment. On busy days, you pay back more and on slower day, we take back less. It's that simple!

What Can First Working Capital Group Do For My Business?

We offer you a way to improve your business for the future by accessing cash now. It's not a bank loan, so you're more likely to be approved and your cash becomes available to you within days.

How Can I Use The Cash?

Use the cash any way you see fit. Customers typically use the cash to support or upgrade their business in some way. Maybe you need repairs or inventory. Maybe you would like to expand your present location or simply add a new location. Better still, maybe you'd like to seize an opportunity in your marketplace before a competitor does.

Will I Qualify?

If you take credit cards as a form of payment, you qualify! Credit score is NOT a factor with our underwriting. We know that most business owners put everything they have into their business including financing, which usually results in a low personal credit score. Our underwriters look at the business and the credit card sales that it is producing every month. Personal credit history of the owner plays a lesser role in the approval process. If you have no bankruptcies or foreclosures in the past year, you are typically approved.

How Soon Can I Have The Cash?

This all depends on the customer. Once one of our account executives receives a completed application and 3 merchant statements, we can wire the funds within 48-72 hours.

Do I Have To Change My Credit Card Processor?

First Working Capital gives you the option to either stay with your current credit card processor or switch to one of our preferred processors who can SAVE YOU MONEY on your fees every month.

Is There A Penalty For Early Payback?

No. You can always pay off the remaining balance on the advance at any time. Ask your Funding Consultant if early payback is your best funding option for your business.

Do I Have To Pay Off The First Advance Before I Can Take A Second Advance?

No. 75% of our customers take more than one advance and the majority of them take it within 60 - 90 days of receiving their first advance. All you have to do is pay off 50% of your first advance and send your Funding Consultant recent bank statements. The new advance can be funded in as quick as 1 to 3 days.